Monday, August 21, 2017
Yom Sheini, 29 Av 5777

Women of Reform Judaism

  1. WRJ Voices: R'eih

    R’eih deals with the laws and regulations that God reveals to the Israelites just prior to entering the promised land.

    Judy S. Weisberg
  2. Circular Rainbows, Fractals, and Spiritual Technology

    “Renew the old and sanctify the new.”  – Rav Abraham Isaac Kook

    Rabbi Dan Medwin
  3. Coming Full Circle

    As I made the turn onto the country road that leads to URJ’s Kutz Camp, I recalled the journey over twenty-five years ago when I showed up for my first summer at URJ’s Camp Coleman.

    Kadie Black
  4. WRJ Voices: Eikev

    Leadership offers amazing opportunities. As a leader, you can advocate for ideas and rights, advance the goals of an organization, and make a difference in peoples’ lives.

    Sherri Feuer
  5. The Enemy Within Our Military

    For years, members of the United States military were fighting a silent, internal battle: sexual assault was rampant and the military was covering it up.

    Maya Weinstein
  6. Voices of WRJ: Va-et'chanan

    Imagine yourself as a nervous Bat Mitzvah student exploring her assigned parashah for the first time. Your friends have told you about leprosy, stonings, bodily discharges, and endless begatting.

    Marcy Frost
  7. Thank you, Women of Reform Judaism

    Dear Women of Reform Judaism,

    Maya Weinstein