Sunday, July 22, 2018
Yom Rishon, 10 Av 5778

Below you'll find the current program areas.  If you are interested in being a part of this program, please complete and return the interest form. **


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Caring Community Program Areas

New! Shabbat in a Bag

Shabbat in a BagI

It is difficult to welcome Shabbat when confined to a hospital bed, in rehab, or ill at home.  The Caring Community Program can bring Shabbat in a Bag  to congregants, supplying everything needed to welcome the Sabbath: Candle (batter operated), wine (with cup), challah, a printout of the blessings, and a snack.

When a bag is requested, a volunteer will be contacted and deliver the bag to you.

New! Telephone Buddy

Telephone Buddy

People who are ill, have disabilities, are elderly, and/or homebound may frequently find themselves increasingly isolated. A weekly phone call from a Carring Community Phone Buddy will help bring connection.  Cantor Schiffer will work with volunteers. 

Would you like to be a buddy?
Would you like to have a buddy?

Let us know by contacting the office

New! Caring Community Help Wanted Ad in the Commentary

Caring Community Help Wanted Ads in the Commentary

Contact us if you would like to place an ad!

Bikur Cholim ~ Visiting the Sick

Walk in the ways of God. As God visits and bring comfort to those who are ill, so must I emulate God, by visiting and bringing comfort to those who are sick. ~Babylonian Talmud, Sotah 14a

An important part of our program is to provide comfort to those in our Congregational family who are ill in the hospital, at home or in a long-term care facilities. If a congregant would like visits from fellow congregants as  well as clergy, and requests such visits, we will have a roster of people available to do so. Volunteers in the Bikur Cholim program must take part in a training program where they learn how to develop  communications skill, the vital importance of maintaining confidentiality  and the protection of privacy, respect for patients, hospital etiquette, Do’s and Don’ts, emotional impact of visiting, and other topics pertinent to the success of Bikur Cholim.

Please Note: A lay visit will not be for everyone. Many congregants  will want only clergy, family, or perhaps no one at all. Visits by Congregants in the Bikur Cholim program will only be made by personal request to the clergy or office

Shiva Support ~ Leading a Minyan

Providing support to a family in mourning is a key aspect of the Caring Community Program. For those times that clergy are not available, lay minyan leaders can provide a meaningful and respectful worship service. Volunteers interested in becoming a lay minyan leader will be trained by Cantor Schiffer.

Meals-on-Wheels and Kitchen “Cook-in”

The Tzedakah Committee in collaboration with Sisterhood organize volunteers to prepare and deliver meals during an illness, after surgery, a new baby, etc.

Volunteers are on an email or call list and contacted when help is needed.  Several times a year volunteers join together in our kitchen to prepare soup and other dishes that can be frozen and stored as Shaarey Zedek to be on hand when needed.

Religious School ~ Bikur Cholim

There is no age limit for our Caring Community. Children can participate with their parents in any age-appropriate way. Our Religious School provides a wonderful opportunity for student to practice the mitzvot of Bikur Cholim (Visiting the Sick) and Kibbud Z’Kaynim (Honoring the Elderly) through learning and action projects at the religious school.

Greater Lansing Temple Youth

Our GLTY is an important part of our Caring Community, emphasizing the importance of giving to their synagogue family as part of a rounded youth program. Often younger members with children are unable to attend synagogue events because of baby-sitting issues. GLTY will help to make these events possible. 

GLTY also sees the importance of connecting with the elderly and providing them with companionship. They will include visiting elderly congregants in assisted-living facilities in their activities. With special training and adult supervision, they can become part of the Bikur Cholim team.

Shaarey Zedek Singers

The Shaarey Zedek Singers is a singing group that performs mitzvot by presenting programs at area senior, assisted living, and special needs facilities. The group does four or five programs a year and features a diverse repertoire including Hebrew songs and Jewish songs of healing, theater music, original compositions, and popular songs. The group rehearses before each group of performances. It is open to anyone who loves to sing.

LifeLights ~ from Jewish Lights

LifeLights from Jewish Lights are inspirational, Informational booklets book about challenges to our emotional and spiritual lives and how to deal with them. LifeLights pamphlets are available in the lobby for congregants and visitors.  Each LifeLight contains uniquely Jewish comfort, advice, and additional resources for help. In addition to providing wise words to light a difficult path, every booklet offers suggestions – Jewish and secular- that can provide further help, along with contact information. There are 25 topics on hand from which to choose.

Community Resource Guide

A source guide developed and provided by The American Red Cross Mid-Michigan Chapter Emergency Food and Shelter Program is available in the office. The guide lists agencies and services throughout the greater Lansing area that provide assistance with housing, food, clothing, medical, legal, senior and other needs.

Program Leadership Volunteer

Volunteers to help administer the program are always welcome, especially as we hope to expand the program in the future.